Hondo Army Air Field Hondo, Texas
9 Oct 43

Today I am a man!

Dear Folks,
The eighth month and here I am at last! The chips are down now and here I win or lose my navigator wings. You can be sure that I shall never fail for lack of trying. There's too much at stake. It's going to be rough—plenty rough. Inside of seventeen or eighteen weeks we are scheduled for some 950 hours of instruction which does not include night study classes. Simple arithmetic proves that your son is going to be a very busy boy. Some fifty percent failed in the class just graduated. That's a lot. Most were for physical or psychological reasons. But as I said before, I shall work and pray hard. And by the grace of God I'll persist and win. It buoys me up considerably to know that two people are wishing me well. Your letters are very welcome and I shall never forget how interesting and pleasant you made my few weekends home. Incidentally, another reason to succeed is that I will be able to see you next February. I have found my home life a constant source of inspiration in school and in the army. Would that I could really tell you how much it has meant. But I can't. The debt is too great. But do understand how I feel about it. Enclosed you will find some clippings concerning my C.T.D. in Montana where I so thoroughly enjoyed myself. Also my cadet brass which I wore at Ellington. I signed up today for a $37.50 bond a month, naming Dad as my co-owner. Did you receive a second $18.75 bond? Any official notice about my $10,000 life insurance? Please do keep well and happy. That's the best thing you can do for us while we're away.

Goodbye now,

P.S. At your convenience would you:
#1 send my camera
#2 send me that picture I had on the little house wall of the soldiers on Bataan surrendering, if no one has removed it.
#3 check with a radio man to see if that little radio is salvageable. There's no way we can keep up with the news here except to catch a radio flash between reveille and morning mess.
#4 Remember me to the Weir family, especially to Uncle Alec, Aunt Marion and Mrs. Schneider in their time of trouble.

P.S. Bob has undoubtedly written you but as a check his new address is: Pvt. R.H. Weir 37623161 Co. A, 27th Engineering Tng. Battalion, 2nd Platoon Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

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