Art Galleries and Native American Crafts
Shops in downtown Flagstaff display a wealth of regional arts and crafts, much by Native American artists. You'll see paintings, jewelry, Navajo rugs, Hopi kachina dolls, pottery, and baskets. The Artists Gallery (17 N. San Francisco St., 928/773-0958, www.flagstaffartistsgallery.com) displays works of more than 40 local artists in Flagstaff’s historic downtown; the website has details on the First Friday Art Walk. You’ll find other interesting shops and galleries nearby, including ones offering Native American work. The Museum of Northern Arizona, northwest of town on US 180, also features excellent selections of Native American arts and crafts. 

Shopping Mall
Sears, JC Penny, and Dillard's anchor the Flagstaff Mall—the only indoor mall in town—on US 89 just north of I-40 Exit 201.

In a bold modern building with a corner tower, Barnes & Noble Booksellers (701 S. Milton Rd., 928/226-8227) offers a large selection of books and music and a little espresso cafe. NAU Bookstore (928/523-4041) includes many regional and general publications on the east side of campus. The Museum of Northern Arizona (3101 N. Fort Valley Rd., 928/774-5213) offers excellent books on Southwestern Native American cultures, archaeology, and natural history. Waldenbooks (Flagstaff Mall, 928/526-5196) stocks good regional and general reading selections. Crystal Magic (1 N. San Francisco St., 928/779-2528) features spiritual and New Age titles along with gifts downtown.
    For used books, including many regional titles, drop by Bookmans (1520 S. Riordan Ranch St., 928/774-0005) for its giant selection that also includes magazines, music, games, and software; there’s an Internet café and free wireless Internet too. A few doors south, Hastings (928/779-1880) sells discounted new and used books, magazines, music, and videos. Dragon's Plunder (217 S. San Francisco St. and Butler Ave., 928/774-1708) has about 30,000 used books. Starrlight Books (15 N. Leroux St., 928/774-6813) specializes in modern first editions, rare and antique books, and out-of-print orders.

Outdoor Equipment and Rentals
Outdoor stores, each with a different personality, cluster around downtown. Try Babbitt's Backcountry Outfitters (12 E. Aspen Ave., 928/774-4775) and Aspen Sports (15 N. San Francisco St., 928/779-1935). South across the tracks, Four Season Guides (107 W. Phoenix Ave., 928/226-8798, www.fsguides.com) sells and rents gear and leads hikes in the Grand Canyon and Escalante regions. You can often find good deals at Peace Surplus (14 W. Route 66, 928/779-4521) and Popular Outdoor Outfitters (901 S. Milton Rd., 928/774-0598).

Post Offices
The main post office (2400 N. Postal Blvd., Flagstaff, AZ 86004, 928/714-9302) is off E. Route 66; you can have General Delivery mail sent to you here. There's a downtown branch at 104 N. Agassiz Street and one in the NAU Bookstore basement.

Medical Services
If you need medical attention, it's cheaper to go directly to a doctor's office or clinic than to the hospital. You'll find many offices along N. Beaver Street. Walk-in patients are welcome daily at Concentra Medical Centers (120 W. Fine Ave. and Humphreys St., 928/773-9695) downtown and at Walk-In Medical Care (4215 N. Hwy. 89, 928/527-1920) near the Flagstaff Mall. Flagstaff Medical Center (1200 N. Beaver St., 928/779-3366, www.nahealth.com) is the local hospital.

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