At House of Tricks (114 E. Seventh St., 480/968-1114, www.houseoftricks.com, Mon.-Sat. for lunch and dinner, $17-29), chef-owners Robert and Robin Trick offer contemporary American eclectic cuisine; closes part of August.
    Gentle Strength Cooperative (234 W. University Dr., 480/968-4831, Sun. for brunch, daily for lunch, and Mon.-Sat. for dinner, $6-14) fixes tasty and healthy vegetarian food in their little cafe. The natural foods store is open 9 a.m.-9 p.m. daily.
    Pita Jungle (1250 E. Apache Blvd., 480/804-0234, www.pitajungle.com, daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, $4-13) serves up tasty poultry, seafood, and veggie versions of hot and cold pitas, regular and sizzling salads, and pizza. See website for other Arizona locations.

My Big Fat Greek Restaurant
(525 S. Mill Ave., 480/966-5883, daily for lunch and dinner, $7-16) dishes up gyro, souvlaki, mousaka, pasta, and other traditional foods.

Middle Eastern
Close to ASU and downtown, Phoenicia Cafe (616 S. Forest Ave. at 7th St., 480/967-8009, daily for lunch and dinner, $3-19) offers tasty Middle Eastern food, including vegetarian or meat pita boats.
    Tasty Kabob (1250 E. Apache Blvd., 480/966-0260, daily except Mon. for lunch and dinner, $8-16) brings flavors of the Persian Empire to the Valley.
    Haji-Baba (1513 E. Apache Blvd., 480/894-1905, daily for lunch and dinner, Sun. to go, $5-10) prepares excellent and inexpensive Middle Eastern meals. You can also shop for groceries, magazines, and music from the region.

Delhi Palace
(933 E. University Ave., 480/921-2200, daily for lunch and dinner, $7-14) prepares excellent vegetarian and nonvegetarian food in tandoori and other northern Indian styles. The lunch buffet is a great value and has extras such as free masala (spiced) tea and a selection of sweets. The dinner menu offers entrees and set meals.

P.F. Chang's China Bistro
(740 S. Mill Ave. at University Dr., 480/731-4600, daily for lunch and dinner, $6-14) combines a menu reflecting many regions of China with American comforts—you can have coffee, wine, or dessert with your meal.

Saigon Healthy Deli
(820 S. Mill Ave. at University, 480/967-4199, Mon.-Sat. for lunch and dinner, $4-6) is a simple cafe offering a good selection of both meat and vegetarian dishes at bargain prices.

Korean Garden
(1324 S. Rural Rd., 480/967-1133, Mon.-Fri. for lunch and Mon.-Sat. for dinner, $14-19) offers authentic food in a pleasant environment.

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