view from Point Sublime atop the Grand Canyon's North Rim
View from Point Sublime on the Grand Canyon's North Rim


9th editionYou have reached the online version of Moon Handbooks: Arizona—the most comprehensive guidebook to the state! This website, and the printed guidebook from which it comes, cover Arizona's sights, recreation, and practicalities based on 29 years of research and travel. For each edition I drove some 10,000 miles around Arizona to discover what's new and to verify the old. The well-organized information—both here and in the printed book—will help you to plan the best possible trip.

Discover Arizona suggests travel strategies and provides background to the land and people of Arizona. Travel chapters begin with Phoenix and South-Central Arizona in the heart of the state and work their way around to Eastern Arizona. You can also drop into the Photo Gallery, check out the latest Updates, and browse the Arizona Booklist.  For travel stories of my adventures trekking and cycling around the world, head over to Bill's Exotic Travels. To see a list of useful Arizona links and those of friends and fellow authors, swing by Favorite Websites. My Dad, Gordon W. Weir, has written a fine memoir on his flying experiences, Navigating Through World War II.

If you're headed only for the Grand Canyon area in the north, my Moon Handbooks: Grand Canyon may be just what you are looking for. Much of this book's introduction, sights, hiking, and river running are also here on this website, as well as in Moon Handbooks: Arizona. I've also included some photos and excerpts from Moon Handbooks: Utah, a worthy book and destination as well, in the Photo Gallery. Finally, if you're seeking Arizona's highlights illustrated with beautiful color photography, pick up a copy of National Geographic Traveler Arizona, now in its fourth edition.

Happy Travels
—Bill Weir

Bill's 2014-15 Cycling Swing Through Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam

Yes, I keep coming back to this favorite region of the world! From Bangkok, I headed west to Kanchanaburi Province and all the way to the Myanmar border, passing many historic sites, caves, waterfalls, and beautiful limestone mountains along the way. Next I turned the wheels east across Thailand and entered Cambodia to take in contemporary culture and ancient Angkor temples. From northeastern Cambodia's Ratanagiri Province I enter Vietnam and cross the hills to the coast, where I turn south toward the Mekong Delta. You can join me for Bill & "Bessie Too the Bicycle" Explore Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam at

Bill's 2014 Grand Cycling Tour of the U.S.A.

I flew into Los Angeles from Asia on a double-deck Airbus A380 to begin a ride of the American Southwest. Unlike my trip here two years ago, I arrived early enough in the spring for pleasant weather in the desert regions of central and southeast Arizona. I greatly enjoyed cycling in my home state, including several rugged mountain routes. I then headed into Utah to Moab, east into Colorado, and kept riding east all the way to Washington, D.C.! A curious feature of the ride is that it began near my birthplace of Santa Monica and passed through most of the places where I have lived over the years! Follow us along if you like, Bill & Bessie Too the Bicycle ride California to Virginia

Bill's 2013-14 Cycling Swing Through Thailand and Cambodia

I enjoyed the ride in Southeast Asia last winter so much that I returned for another one! This time the route begins in the east of Thailand and ends in the north. You can come along on A Swing Through Thailand and Cambodia at

Bill's 2013 Himalayan Adventure on a Bicycle

In late July 2013 I flew to Ladakh in India's far north to visit villages, monasteries, and experience the grand scenery here in Northern India Delights. From Ladakh I cycled west to Srinagar in Kashmir. Next I took buses to New Delhi for festivals and art in October and November, then continued east by train for a week in Kolkata. Stories and photos are at

Bill's 2013 European Grand Cycling Adventure

I had long wished to experience Italy on a cycle ride in the springtime. So that's where my trip Italian Delights, then Short Visits to Slovenia and Croatia went! Flights in April 2013 took me from steamy Bangkok to Rome for a grand 90-day tour of Italy. From Italy, I continued along coastal Slovenia, followed Croatia's Istria Peninsula around, then turned inland to the capital Zagreb. The greatest challenge wasn't the rugged mountains of Italy, but the lofty Euro prices! I managed by free camping and picnicking for much of the trip. My online journal, has lots of beautiful photos along with practical advice for cycling in Italy.

Bill's 2012-13 Cycling Through Thailand and Cambodia

In late November 2012 I set out with "Bessie Too the Bicycle" on a four-month journey, Off the Beaten Track in Thailand and Cambodia. The theme was to experience places that I've not been to before, many off the tourist track. I took a bus from Bangkok to Nan Province in the very mountainous north near the Lao border. From there I made a big arc around northern and northeastern Thailand, following the Lao border and Mekong River much of the way. I then crossed into northern Cambodia to visit remote Khmer sites before stopping in at the famed temples of Angkor Wat area. I continued to the capital Phnom Penh and rode south to the coastal plain before returning to Thailand. From Chanthaburi in the east I took buses to Songkhla in the far south and rode north via Nakhon Si Thammarat to a ferry for Koh Phangan and a meditation retreat. Afterward I hopped a boat to Koh Tao for a spell of scuba diving. You can read about the trip and see the photos at

Bill's 2012 Southwest Adventure in the U.S.A.

From April to September 2012 I enjoyed A Grand Ride of the American Southwest with "Bessie Too the Bicycle," The ride began in San Francisco, California, and followed the coast south to Oceanside in San Diego County, headed inland to Arizona, climbed the Colorado Plateau for visits to the Grand Canyon's south and north rims, continued on to southern Utah's canyon country, swung west across the lonely Great Basin's mountains and valleys of Utah and Nevada, crossed the Sierra Nevada in northern California, then lastly rolled over the Golden Gate Bridge to San Francisco. Unusually, this time I simply headed out the door for the ride without any planes, trains, buses, or automobiles to deal with. Also, no visas, as it was one of my rare bicycle tours in the U.S.A.!

Bill's 2011-12 Asian Grand Adventure with a Backpack

On November 22nd 2011 I headed to Asia on a backpacking trip, Indian Ramble. Flights on Cathay Pacific took me from San Francisco to Chennai in the south of India, where I traveled overland north to New Delhi, then east to Kolkata, taking in lots of Indian culture (and cuisine) over the course of about three months. A short flight brought me to Bangkok for a spell of about two months of meditation, travel, and scuba diving in southern Thailand. Story and photos begin at for India and for Thailand.


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