You're welcome to follow along on my trips!

Backpacking Around Southeast Asia 2018 tells of a swing through Thailand, Malaysia, and Brunei.

Backpacking Across India 2017-18 is a backpack trip. Bessie Too the Bicycle gets a rest as I fly from Bangkok to Jaipur of India's Rajasthan state. After a visit to this 'Pink City,' I meander across northern India to Kolkata. From here I fly to the one major region of India that I've not been to before--the remote Andaman Islands. Lastly I return to Bangkok via Chennai and Tamil Nadu state.

Europe Swing 2017 begins in Rome, then sets sail for the rugged islands of Sardinia and Corsica followed by a ferry to the grand city of Genoa. From there I followed the coast to France, then turned inland across the heart of France to Normandy. Another ferry brings me to Ireland and a journey completely around the Emerald Isle. Lastly the final ferry ride heads east to Wales and a ride to London.

Bill & “Bessie Too the Bicycle” Ride Asia 2016-17 describes a series of rides in this wonderful region: First in northern Myanmar, next a loop in Sri Lanka, then a return to Myanmar for a ride through the south, and lastly cycling and scuba diving in South Thailand.

Grand Tour of the American West is a five-month bicycle loop ride through spectacular regions of the West, beginning and ending in San Francisco in 2016.

Cycling in the Himalaya of India's Sikkim & Arunachal Pradesh, then Across Myanmar to Thailand began with a flight to New Delhi for a week's stay, then a train east to Siliguri, where the ride to Darjeeling and Sikkim commenced. After enjoyable loops in Sikkim, I rode east across West Bengal and Assam to Bhalukpong, gateway to Arunachal Pradesh and the very tough ride over increasingly high passes to Tawang near the borders of Bhutan and Tibet. Also in Arunachal Pradesh, I rode to the capital Itanagar and the very pretty hill country around Ziro. From there I turned south back into Assam and across the great Brahamaputra at Majuli Island, then continued south through Nagaland and Manipur states to the border with Myanmar. Only recently have independent cyclists been able to ride all the way across Myanmar, and I was fortunate to do that on a very memorable adventure! I emerged into Thailand at Mae Sot.

Cycling in Sri Lanka 2015—A Loop of the South tells of my return to this tropical island for another loop, this time with an emphasis on the South, a region I've never visited before. As on my April ride of Sri Lanka, I made a clockwise loop from Negombo, heading first to the Ancient Cities region. The route also takes in the East and West Coasts, as well as the South Coast.

Europe Swing 2015 describes a 90-day ride north through Italy's dazzling spring countryside from Rome area to Genoa, then east across the mountainous north to Slovenia and on through Central Europe—Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic, and Germany to Holland. A giant ferry then took me across to the U.K. for it's memorable history, culture, and landscapes.

Cycling in Sri Lanka 2015—A Loop of the North takes in beautiful tropical beaches, temples, wildlife, and mountains during the month of April. First I headed to Mannar Island and Jaffna in the North, which now welcome visitors again after the long civil war.

Bill & "Bessie Too the Bicycle" Explore Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam runs during the winter of 2014-15. I head west into jungles of Kanchanaburi Province to the Myanmar border, then swing east to the once glittering old capital of Ayutthaya. In northeastern Thailand I turn south into Cambodia for visits to many wonderful ancient temples, challenging backroads, and contemporary life. Next, I continue east into Vietnam, head for the coast, and ride south to the Mekong Delta. From there I enter southern Cambodia for a quick ride back to Thailand.

Bill & Bessie Too the Bicycle ride California to Virginia tells of a 2014 bicycle ride from the Pacific to the Atlantic, including an extensive exploration of the American Southwest.

A Swing Through Thailand and Cambodia is a three-month bicycle ride that begins in the east of Thailand, turns north into Cambodia, and curves through Thailand's northeast and north, from December 2013 to March 2014.

Northern India Delights cycling adventure begins high in Ladakh of India's far north in the summer of 2013. I explore the Himalaya for about two months, drop into New Delhi for the festivals in October-November, then continue east by train to Kolkata.

Italian Delights, then Short Visits to Slovenia and Croatia describes a 90-day grand tour of Italy in spring-early summer 2013, followed by a short ride through Slovenia to Croatia that ends in Zagreb.

Off the Beaten Track in Thailand and Cambodia is a four-month cycling journey to experience new places in these countries from November 2012 to April 2013.

A Grand Ride of the American Southwest is a cycling trip from San Francisco to Arizona via the California coast, then back via southern Utah and Nevada from April to August 2012.

Indian Ramble tells of a backpacking trip through India and Thailand from November 2011 to April 2012.

Asian Journey, ran from early 2010 to early 2011. The journey started in northeastern Thailand and headed north on a mountainous route through Laos and Vietnam to the heights of eastern Tibet, then on to the heart of China. The second part looped through western India, primarily Gujarat State.

Asia Again, my 2008-2009 adventure, relates the 18-month high-flying journey through China (twice!), Central Asia, India, Southeast Asia, and Tibet.

A Sentimental Return to the TransAmerica Trail After 31 Years tells of a ride way out east in Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio in autumn 2007, inspired by the reunion of my fellow riders from a 1976 Virginia-Oregon Bikecentennial ride.

One Year in Asia tells the story of a 17-month epic cycling trip in 2005-2007, including a ride all the way across China from Southeast Asia to Central Asia, plus a pair of rides in India—one in the Himalayas (near the headwaters of the Ganges) and one in the south, capped off with cycling in Cambodia and southern Thailand.

Cycling Thailand to China was amazing for astounding variety—a four-month ride from tropics of central Thailand to the great ice mountains of the eastern Himalayas in 2004-2005.

Cycling Across Northern Europe begins in the land of Vikings—Denmark—and journeys east across Sweden and Estonia to the larger-than-life land of Russia in the summer of 2003.

Cycling Thailand & Laos heads for the Mekong River and a journey across lush rice paddies and across jungle-clad mountains in the winter of 2002-2003.

Cycling Indian Himalaya began in Leh, Ladakh, and took "Bessie Too the Bicycle" and me over one of the world's highest road passes in late 2002.

Cycling Pakistan & India tells of an epic bicycle ride from the Karakoram Mountains of northern Pakistan to the warms seas at the southern tip of India; the six-month ride began at the troubled time of September 2001.

Makalu Trek in Nepal had more than its share of trials and tribulations; it lasted four weeks and took place in autumn 2000.